Is CeraVe good for hair?

Is CeraVe good for hair?

Bottom line: Yes, the cleanser is safe for the hair and scalp, but if its oily hair youre looking to treat, King says CeraVe might not be the right faux poo for the job. Its a mild conditioning cleanser, so if you have greasy hair, it may not work well to clean, she says.

Is CeraVe good for the scalp?

CeraVe Baby Wash Shampoo contains ceramides, including hyaluronic acid, to protect the scalp and skin from moisture loss. This also makes it a good option for sensitive skin.

Can we use baby shampoo for adults?

Well, baby shampoos are chemicals and paraben-free, are pH balanced and are specially formulated for sensitive scalps and hair. Using baby shampoo for adults is a perfect choice for people who wish to stay away from harmful chemicals and cleanse their hair gently

Can I use face wash to wash my hair?

Face wash has very harsh detergants in it called sulfates. sulfates can also be found in most shampoos and it is soo bad for your hair. Fash wash wont decrease the hair on your scalp it will just leave it dry lifeless frizzy etc.

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