What is the fat above your bum called?

What is the fat above your bum called?

Excess fat over the area right between your hips and above your pubic bone is sometimes known by the slang term FUPA (fat upper pubic area). Its also called a panniculus.

What causes fat on lower back?

What causes back fat? A lack of cardio exercise or a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to back fat. A diet thats high in sodium or sugar can also contribute to inflammation in your body, making back fat and bloat appear to be more significant.

What is the fat in the lower back called?

love handles

How do you lose the fat on your lower back?

How to Lose Lower Back Fat Fast: Diet and Nutrition

  • Eat the right number of calories.
  • Eat enough protein.
  • Take the right supplements.
  • Do a lot of heavy, compound weightlifting.
  • Develop your upper back, shoulders, and chest.
  • Strategically use cardio to burn fat faster.
  • Lat Pulldown.
  • Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise.

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