Why do you get the feeling to stretch?

Why do you get the feeling to stretch?

The sensation of muscle tightness or a need to stretch comes about in response to stimulus from the body, and it gets you to pay attention to the area in question, and then move it around.

Why stretching feels so relaxing?

Stretching loosens tight muscles which helps your muscles both relax and increase blood flow. It also encourages the release of endorphins, providing a sense of tranquility and euphoria.

Why does stretching feel good in the morning?

When you sleep, your muscles lose tone and fluid tends to pool along your back. Stretching helps to massage fluid gently back into the normal position. Also, your muscles protect themselves from over-extension by inhibiting the nerve impulses as they approach their limit.

Why does stretching while high feel good?

Cannabis helps to relax the body and anxieties in the mind, both of which prevent us from truly connecting to and appreciating the sensations in our bodies, writes Dee Dussault, cannabis-enhanced yoga instructor and author of Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened

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